Picatists Capaign

Into the mountain (4)
3/6/375 3E

After that last minute escape, our heroes continued deeper into the caves following their map. After slaying a gelatinous cube they came across 2 doors. The first door lead them into a room full of traps, were they found the dead body of the man who set them, and learned his impressive story about how he drove himself to madness and died from his own traps.
The second door led them to a room with a switch. After pressing this second switch they where fast, running back to the circular room, but Otra Foyer was already there, stealing the Thunderstone and teleporting away, leaving our wounded heroes with his bodyguard and a fearsome troll. They fought for what seemed like an eternity, but finally they won. Realizing they failed these mission they click.bed out of the cave, to meet the victorious dwarves.

into the mountain (3)
3/6/375 3E

After the heroes managed to read the (partially damaged) map, they decided to head towards one of the rooms. There was no light, but thanks to Grimn’s Red Dildo they saw a gauth floating in midair. Unfortunately it managed to injure Zanaria, however Roywin casted a healing spell on her. When she was again awake and standing, Zanaria summoned a lemur which helped a lot to kill the otyugh that appeared. The heroes managed to exterminate the lesser beholder and found the treasure that lay in the same room. Continuing they activated the trap that held one of the map’s rooms hidden so they went in to explore. At first they thought they had only encountered one carrion crawler, but to their surprise, another two appeared, one from the wall next to Grimn and one behind them, surrounding them. It was a dangerous fight where most of them got paralysed by the attacks of the monsters, but once again they came out alive. Once all of them were dead and they had searched the body one was feasting on, Melindi saw another treasure chest, but soon enough the room started filling up with water from a hole in the roof and from other holes in the walls, so she retrieved the wooden box that lay in the chest and everyone ran away from the quickly flooding room. They closed the door behind them using as much strength they had left after pulling the liver they found in the room, and when they finally felt safe they gladly shared the contents of the box, wich had some epic loot, only later did they discover that it \was an ancient dwarven gift from king to daughter. In thear greed, they took the contents of the chest, leaving the dwarves without thear tresure

into the mountain (2)
3/6/375 3E

Continuing, our heroes found themselves in a half circle room with 2 lamps, 2 statues and 2 doors. Through one door they found a river, and after Thokk jumped in it, he retrieved a map of the place. Meanwhile Zanaria lost her staff and thankfully not her life too, by a trap, while trying to open a door. Behind that door lay a hydra. With excessive bravery the heroes killed the hydra, killing its body, not its heads. They rejoyed after the win, not knowing what lies ahead…
Oh no, I think they are coming this way, I gotta hide. I will continue the story later…

into the mountain (1)
3/6/375 3E

So, first let me introduce myself.
I am Darow, a bard. And I am researching an Epic about the Picatists.
So I have been following them almost for a month now, since the day they started a quest to bring back some gems for Wee Jas, the eyes of the Tiger, and now I feel ready to begin writing, starting from the quest they are currently completing.
So, after the trouble with that village and the orcs, and the basilisk incident, where Win nearly died 2 times, the team got a message from Grimn’s father, Groin, telling them to go where they were needed, in the mountain of Mumbo. After days of travelling, they arrived, only to find a dwarf army, bigger than the barbarian army that nearly took newton in 362 3E. Groin asked the heroes to accompany him to battle, to the mountain of terbium, in Lanthan.
What he wanted of them was not to fight in the battle, but to retrieve an ancient family artifact, the Thunderstone, in case they lost. He also told them that there where rumors around of somebody else trying to find it, and taking advantage of the battle.
After some days they marched for Terbium. it was a long way there, and when they arrived, they went into the mountain. the battle was raging around them but they only had eyes for the goal. They slayed every enemy who stood in their path. Here, Grimn’s great bravery would be noted. Finally they descended into the catacombs.
I am tired now. I will continue writing tomorrow…

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