Roywin Samille Ellywick Waywocket Woodsheart

73 year-old Gnome, female


She is a priest, the latest member of the team.
Favourite weapon: ╬ťagic rings (kinda obsessed with them)
Other weapons: Axe, Crossbow
Armour: Scaled breastplate
Languages: Common, Gnomish, Abyssal, Celestial, Infernal
Deity: Boccob


She has chosen to leave the past entirely behind her and rarely talks about herself. She is adventurous but her favourite activity is discovering new spells and magical artifacts. Liberated bisexual. Her goal right now is to master as many spells as possible (and collect magical artifacts of course) and doesn’t care about living dangerously if that is what it takes to achieve it. Plus killing entertains her more than she’d like to admit. She doesn’t hate any race particularly (if it doesn’t harm her, she’s okay with it), but as a Gnome she gets along better with Halflings and Dwarves.

Roywin Samille Ellywick Waywocket Woodsheart

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