Picatists Capaign

Into the mountain (4)

3/6/375 3E

After that last minute escape, our heroes continued deeper into the caves following their map. After slaying a gelatinous cube they came across 2 doors. The first door lead them into a room full of traps, were they found the dead body of the man who set them, and learned his impressive story about how he drove himself to madness and died from his own traps.
The second door led them to a room with a switch. After pressing this second switch they where fast, running back to the circular room, but Otra Foyer was already there, stealing the Thunderstone and teleporting away, leaving our wounded heroes with his bodyguard and a fearsome troll. They fought for what seemed like an eternity, but finally they won. Realizing they failed these mission they click.bed out of the cave, to meet the victorious dwarves.


skilopsaros skilopsaros

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