Picatists Capaign

into the mountain (1)

3/6/375 3E

So, first let me introduce myself.
I am Darow, a bard. And I am researching an Epic about the Picatists.
So I have been following them almost for a month now, since the day they started a quest to bring back some gems for Wee Jas, the eyes of the Tiger, and now I feel ready to begin writing, starting from the quest they are currently completing.
So, after the trouble with that village and the orcs, and the basilisk incident, where Win nearly died 2 times, the team got a message from Grimn’s father, Groin, telling them to go where they were needed, in the mountain of Mumbo. After days of travelling, they arrived, only to find a dwarf army, bigger than the barbarian army that nearly took newton in 362 3E. Groin asked the heroes to accompany him to battle, to the mountain of terbium, in Lanthan.
What he wanted of them was not to fight in the battle, but to retrieve an ancient family artifact, the Thunderstone, in case they lost. He also told them that there where rumors around of somebody else trying to find it, and taking advantage of the battle.
After some days they marched for Terbium. it was a long way there, and when they arrived, they went into the mountain. the battle was raging around them but they only had eyes for the goal. They slayed every enemy who stood in their path. Here, Grimn’s great bravery would be noted. Finally they descended into the catacombs.
I am tired now. I will continue writing tomorrow…


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